The Relationship Between the Global North and South

Published: 2021-07-03 10:05:05
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When the war Hitler created came to a close, it developed an entirely unique world order and paved the way for globalization. This is not based on the rise of the Internet or a desire to learn world cultures, but for cold hard cash. Companies are now multinational and if there is a crisis in one or a certain region of the world, it is like a domino effect and could be merely a ripple or a tsunami.
The global North is composed of most industrialized nations on the planet such as the United States, Japan and Germany, while the global South consists of Africa, parts of Asia and South America. The North enjoys a higher literacy and superior standards of living than the South, but is still aided by the South in terms of procuring natural resources. It is mutually beneficial for these nations to engage in alliances that would improve their situation. Is that not Realpolitik? For example, the United States has courted the Latin American nations for markets for their products as well as a cheap labor force for outsourcing. It provides these nations with jobs.
The United States certainly cares about economic development and plays a major role in the international community in financial affairs. After all, they are the world’s largest economy. Due to the fact, they can broker deals that are minimally advantageous to the South while it can be extremely beneficial thing to the United States. They are in a position of power and when it comes to world politics and economies, they certainly bear weight and their standing does make a difference. The United States only cares about economic development when it serves their own purpose. Their own economic development is the nation’s largest concern, however, a nation always acts in its own best interests and not benevolently.

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