Time Management Tools for Nurses

Published: 2021-07-08 04:40:05
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When I googled “time management tools for nurses”, one of the first choices that appeared were short multiplication clips, aimed at visualizing the tools for efficient time spending and managing. The primary idea presented in those videos is to facilitate the complicated hospital tasks by managing the time wisely.
While searching tor the tools, I found out that there is an app called myShift App that was designed particularly for nurses. By using this application, nurses will be able to combine all their tasks and decide on the approximate time to be spent in performing every task during the shift. Besides such beneficial objective, creators did not mention that the process of inserting functions into the system might appear time-consuming, too. Even though the application is designed for healthcare professionals, that paramount aspect of a stressful work was forgotten. Personally, I would prefer to keep all my tasks for the shift in my head, or rather writing them in my notebook as the task is being appointed.
Besides, Google provides with the scientific suggestions by “American Nurse Today” magazine as well as by Sanford-Brown University (Sanfordbrown.edu, 2015). As for me, a process of getting informed about the tips and priorities in working as a nurse is much more helpful that using the mobile application. Reading and systemizing the priorities are instrumental in setting up the tools for fulfilling the tasks adequately during the shift. I would also prefer to set up my mind accordingly so that I would be more organized.
In general, Google offers plenty of options for effective time management. Most of these types of sources are not oriented at specific professions. Even though time management tools are necessary for every profession, more options should be presented by taking into consideration particular jobs.

Sanfordbrown.edu,. (2015). 5 Nursing Time Management Tips – Sanford Brown. Retrieved 21 February 2015, from http://www.sanfordbrown.edu/student-life/blog/march-2014/5-nursing-time-management-tips

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