Why do Pregnant Women Drink, Smoke and Do Drugs?

Published: 2021-07-09 11:30:05
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Some of the women who have some addictions in their daily lives tend to suffer from the fact that they have to change their habits in the course of pregnancy. For many, it becomes an obstacle, as they constantly have to fight with themselves. This is why they would continuously keep drinking, smoking and do drugs, so it will ultimately become an issue. This is why women, even though they are still undergoing the process of pregnancy tend to drink, smoke and do drugs because sometimes it happens without their actual will.
What is in fact particular about pregnant women and their tendency of drinking, smoking and doing drugs is the factor whether they were actually intending to give birth to the children they were carrying. For many, there counteractions against the common rules and perceptions while pregnancy may be perceived as the chance to voice their opinion about not willing to carry their children. This is why in cases when abortions are impossible to carry out, they would tend to shorten the lives of their potential children without actually realizing the potential harm in the case if the child will be born healthy. Thus, they might turn to these unwise actions in the course of their pregnancies.
Besides the psychological effects in cases when mothers do not want to carry their children anymore, another key reason for carrying children while being pregnant may be related to the fact that habits of their common daily operations would form the key factors of being unable to respond to the emerging challenges in the course of pregnancy. Given the fact that people face issue with giving up smoking on the daily basis, things may get even more complicated when one refers to the pregnancy. In that case, when women follow certain programs aimed at decreasing the amount of drinking, smoking and drugs, it is still unclear what is the potential for giving up these habits. Thus, in that respect, there is an issue with being aware of the potential harm and willingness to actually give up smoking which some women are unable to tackle that easily.
In the course of interviewing friends who are currently pregnant, I have noted the similar reasoning in their answers, too. People try to decrease the amount of drinking and smoking, but pregnancy does not become the key resolver of the issue. Moreover, while assessing the observations after the conversations with the women, I can also outline that women face the issues related to the awareness in general. Few would mention in public that the pregnancy occurred without their actual will, and that’s how they fight against their psychological unwillingness to have a child. Instead, they would insist that smoking occurs as a consequence of their habitual effects.
What’s even more specific in that regard, that there are different groups of women, some who are heavy smokers and some who are not. Yet, all of them list the respectable obstacles in the course of giving up smoking which is certainly particular while evaluating the effects of the necessity to give up smoking. In particular, women have a tendency to decrease smoking instead of ultimately giving it up. This is how they motivate themselves to become healthier. What’s even more particular, none of the women were able that they do drugs because it is socially unacceptable. Instead, they were referring to drinking at the parties from times to times which also had certain effects on their pregnancy. Thus, while assessing the overall effects of the women smoking, drinking and doing drugs, there is no common pattern that could respond to all the challenges women face.

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