Yoga: History, Health, and Practice

Published: 2021-06-27 00:45:04
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From a historical viewpoint, yoga is an Indian philosophical practice that involves both mental and physical parts of the participants (Miller 1). The ancient Indian practice was originally utilized to attain better health outcomes, and specific postures, respiratory techniques, and relaxation were used. As the text notes, yoga could be analyzed using the philosophy of Samkhya, which is one of the most widely philosophical schools in India. In this context, the chief goal objective of yoga is the gain of liberation or freedom (Moksha) from all forms of suffering that is found on the earth, and the cyclical events that typify birth and death (Samsara) (Miller 10). There is an emphasis on the mastery of the mind, emotional body elements, the body, and dynamics of desire. The metaphor of love could be applied regarding yoga since it is stated that the practice could make persons who are far from God to establish unique compassion and insights into understanding issues that lead to an increase in an individual’s love for God. Besides, Samkhya philosophy holds that human beings learn to do things in a gradual process, and various parts participate. For one to be liberated from diseases and other sufferings of the world, it is a demonstration of great love to practice yoga and do all that is contained in the tenet (Miller 27). The study of Samkhya has been described as both transformative and inspiring: man learns to unearth the mystery of his life and systematically comprehend all parts of the being that lead to self-realization and the attainment of health (Miller 35). Regarding the spread of the practice, it only gained much attention in the West in the 19th century mainly through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Currently, the ancient Indian practice is being practiced in many nations as people try to improve their health.

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