Medieval history

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Christianity and the Church in Europe from the fall of the Roman empire in the 5th century AD to 1600 AD.

The history of the church between the 5th century and the fall of Rome is usually referred as the history of Christianity during the middle ages. The period is characterized by many changes regarding ...

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Crusades and the Western World

Crusades in the eleventh century were carried out by religious ideals whereby a society’s rights were determined by their religious affiliation. Evidently, Muslims and Christians had been interactin...

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Crusades, Christianity and Islam

The Crusades were a period during the early second millennium in which religion shaped much of the eastern world. This age of conflict saw many lives lost over the preservation of the Christian religi...

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History Medieval Manuscripts

The medieval manuscripts depict the Christian practices in the western culture in addition to social relations and the way of life. The manuscripts stress the importance of Christian values and the ne...

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How Does Petrarch Change The Medieval World With The Introduction Of Humanism?

Francis Petrarch, being one of the most influential poets of the Middle Ages, is also known to be the first major figure of the Humanism – the social and intellectual movement, which lies at the bas...

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Interesting Facts About the Crusades

In modern thinking, the crusades are vaguely known as efforts made for centuries in which European forces attempted, time and again, to capture Jerusalem and restore it as a Catholic capital. The gene...

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Machiavelli Discourses

Machiavelli depart from Aristotle Machiavelli and Aristotle differed in their views of the dictatorship, aristocracy, as well as democracy forms of government. Aristotle suggested that dictatorship wa...

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Perspectives on the First Crusade: The Christian and Muslim Accounts

Undoubtedly, The Crusades are a dark chapter in human history; a chapter full of religious violence and objectification of the enemy, signaling as an other that had to be destroyed and purged. From a ...

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The Bubonic Plague

European society was irrevocably altered as a consequence of the pandemic bubonic plague. It was not only due to the large percentage of the population that died, but that it affected everyone regardl...

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