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Comparison of the 2000 and the 1974 versions of The Great Gasby

The 2000 A&E “The Great Gatsby” video is having a more ancient setting as compared to the 1974’s Copolla version. The video starts with the main actor taking a rest at a pool and being shot fro...

Published: 2021-06-30 17:05:05
Published: 2021-07-07 09:20:05

Film Analysis: Gung Ho! (1986)

Gung Ho (1986) is such a wonderful film despite its biased depiction of the Japanese culture. The film gives the audience an opportunity to apply the four-frame model when trying to understand the pro...

Published: 2021-07-03 12:45:05

Film Review: Soylent Green (1973)

What are the consequences of ecological catastrophe and the obliteration of an ecosystem upon which the human is dependent for his very survival? When the human being is responsible for this dystopia,...

Published: 2021-06-28 23:15:04

Frasier: To Tell the Truth

I chose to watch the sitcom Frasier and the episode “To Tell the Truth.” This is an episode from about fifteen years ago. In the episode, the protagonist, Dr. Frasier Crane, struggles with a dil...

Published: 2021-07-05 03:25:05

Full Metal Jacket Review

Full Metal Jacket is a movie following the story of a group of young men in their training journey to become soldiers in the Vietnam War under the supervision of the hostile and cold General Hartman. ...

Published: 2021-06-29 08:15:04

Movie Review: Erin Brockovich

One of the greatest ways to inform and persuade an audience is to create a film. Hollywood has perfected this art over many years. Messages are included in movies that touch and influence the beliefs ...

Published: 2021-06-21 08:50:05

Movie Review: Misery

This paper will serve to provide a summarization, review, and critique of Misery as it relates to mental health nursing. In order to explore the topic, the paper addresses the context of the mental he...

Published: 2021-06-21 08:10:05

Movie Review: Schindler’s List

Few films in recent decades have been as universally praised, and even loved, As Spielberg’s Schindler’s List. Critics and the public generally hailed it as a modern masterpiece, and one supportin...

Published: 2021-06-26 11:35:04

Movie Reviews: “The Circle” and “Chocolat”

“The Circle,” originally titled “Dahyreh,” came out in 2000, and serves to detail the stories of how various women in Iran struggle under the oppression and sexism present in Iranian society t...

Published: 2021-07-08 11:50:05